Beyond Belief Testimonials

If you’re looking for a method of relaxing, being with yourself to find out more about yourself or a way of healing yourself, then I can highly recommend Jilly’s classes. Jilly is a very generous facilitator and teacher. Learning Theta Healing has been an interesting journey. Every day I am learning more about myself and what I am really capable of achieving, understanding that I am my own teacher and student if I want to be. I am the writer of my own life if I want to take on that challenge and responsbility – and to this I said “yes” and havent looked back.  Thanks Jilly. SG

Jill is an incredibly caring and insightful soul. I can’t help bringing her name up to friends when I hear them speak of a desire for healing or spiritual growth. Jill is very passionate about healing and improving the lives of those who reach out to her. Thank you for all your patience, help and healing over the last year. My life has changed dramatically in so many ways Jill you have made huge improvements in my life.  AC

Jilly has an amazing ability to create relaxation, trust and ease instantly. Using ThetaHealing she gave me an incredible reading. The message she gave me was exactly what I required to hear and gave me great comfort. What if Jilly can give you the comfort you require.  DL

Jill has completely changed my perception of Spiritual healing/healing. As a gymnast and health enthusiast I have always been at the top of my game. But recently I found myself bed-bound for days with excruciating chronic migraines which I endured for almost a month. I consulted my local GP multiple times, given general observations and prescribed medication with no progress what-so-ever. A friend of mine heard of my situation and encouraged me to contact Jill. I hadn’t believed in the ability to heal without medicines but with all else failing I thought why not give it a try when I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The day after my healing with Jill I was able to walk without feeling faint, able to eat without feeling as though my mind was bursting and by day three I was back in the gym teaching the classes I love most. This is my own personal experience, and upon receiving this healing I would never second guess its power and abilities. I truly and most definitely am grateful for what Jill has done for me. People will always be sceptical (as I was) but until you witness and feel this unbelievable surge of energy you can never truly understand what I felt and what I now feel.  A

I was feeling disconnected and tired so was guided to Jill for a healing. It was amazing and the energies in her center are great. I highly recommend anyone to go there, her introduction to how her healing came about really resonated with me and will definitely be going back. Namaste Jill and thank you.  Tracy