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Animal Healing

Animals respond well to Energy Healing. Companion animals live in our environment and are subject to similar imbalances in their health. Animals also ‘pick up on’ and absorb energetically, what is happening in their environment. They need help to make adjustments, just as we do, to have a healthy and happy life.

Animal’s senses are more highly developed than ours, yet their lives are more simplistic.

Attaining an Animal Science degree has expanded my understanding of these differences. Through the use of various energy techniques and feeling a deep passion and respect for our companions, I have developed powerful techniques to translate what is happening in their life and what our companions would like us to know. This leads to improved health and better communication between species.

I run workshops for anyone who would like to learn techniques to communicate, heal and empower their animals as well as having many animal clients across the world benefitting from these techniques.