About Jilly

Hello, my name is Jilly Blythe. I am the Founder of Beyond Belief and  I offer to you a wonderful technique that is Empowering and Life Changing.

Using new Quantum understanding that our emotional processes, perception and feelings create our reality. I use the ThetaHealing technique to find and resolve the underlying cause of any imbalances you may be experiencing in your health, business, relationships, finances or any other area in your life, on any level.

As simple as a good chat with a close friend, I work with you to find the beliefs and programs running in your subconscious, holding you back and preventing you from manifesting the life of your dreams.

What we are really doing is creating new neural pathways in your brain, closing negative receptors (that no longer serve you) and replacing them with positive beliefs for your highest and best. This technique is empowering! You get to play while moving forward in life and the best part is… it doesn’t hurt one bit.

What I Offer
  • Confidential sessions
  • Relationship energy counselling with your significant other
  • Manifesting guidance
  • Natural animal health sessions
  • Energetic house clearing
  • Regular ThetaHealing® Certified Practitioner classes
  • And more…